Things Every Good Woman Should Know Ebook Series

I am currently hard at work trying to finish the first draft of my next book Forever and a Day. As much as I would love to crank my novels out faster to satisfy the appetite of my voracious readers, I just don’t work like that. I have to take my time so that I can release the best product possible. Yet, I am not insensitive to your pain (lol), and I am ever so grateful that some of you are eagerly anticipating the next novel.

I began to seek a way to connect with my friends, readers, and supporters in between novels and decided that a series of short stories would be perfect. I am proud to announce that the Things Every Good Woman Should Know
series made it’s eBook debut yesterday. It can be purchased on Kindle and Nook for only .99!

The first story is You Are Beautiful.

Up-and-coming singer, Dawn Williams, finds herself faced with a difficult decision when she is pressured to have breast implants to help enhance her budding career. She begins to question her own definition of beauty and the sincerity of those who are supposed to love her and have her best interests at heart. Dawn embarks on a journey of self-love as she seeks to define true beauty and defy those who use the entertainment industry’s distorted images as a measuring stick for it. Beauty isn’t found in a cup size. Any woman who has ever doubted her own looks should read this. (38 pages)
Check out the book Trailer

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