I Choose To Be Happy

Jae and Laptop

A Few Words of Wisdom

If you’re happy and you know it clap you’re hands! Clap! Clap!
We’ve all heard people say, “I could complain but nobody wants to hear it anyway.”  Well,  for the most part it’s true. However, there is a difference between  complaining and venting. Occasionally, we all need to release our frustrations, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.  We all have those days when we wonder “Why Me?” and “What did I  do to deserve this?” When life is unfair, we run to our friends,  significant other or family with our woe is me stories. After we’ve  told the story, cried our eyes out and received a few “I’m so sorry to hear  thats” and possibly some good advice, we have to ask ourselves what’s  next? Are we going to wallow in self pity? As the dearly departed Whitney Houston would have said, “Hell to  the Naw!” You pick your behind up and attack that situation like it just  tried to run off with your new Michael Kors purse. If you can fix it, get to fixin’. If you can’t, fix your attitude.
One of the worst states I know to be in is helplessness. That’s the  state of being where no matter what you say or do you can’t change the situation or the outcome even if it’s causing you stress and/or pain. Situations such as incurable  illness, death of a loved one, irreconcilable break ups and taxes normally fall in  that category. Those are often the times you have to resolve to be happy in spite of your  circumstances. One way to do this is to count your blessings. It’s quite easy to get caught up in what’s going wrong and  forget about what’s going right.   I used to be a chronic complainer. I disliked my life, my body, the  direction my career was going and being single. I’m sure I was a  freakin’ joy to be around. I’m glad I have a big sister who’s not afraid  to tell me to grow up and shut up. I’m even more glad that I listened to her. Your perception truly does influence your attitude and your quality of life. I am always amazed  by people who are facing dire situations as big as mountains who don’t  complain and keep a smile on their faces. However,  their secret is simple, they are happy because they choose to be.
Try this  little exercise and make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful for. They  can be big or small. The point is that they bring you joy or add value to your life! Here are  mine…..

  1. A Heavenly Father who cares
  2. Good health and mental stability
  3. A home
  4. Amazing family and friends who love me
  5. Gainful employment that I enjoy
  6. A great sense of humor      (Laughter makes so many situations easier to bear)
  7. A closet full of cute shoes
  8. The ability to write and encourage others
  9. The ability to continue to love even after being hurt
  10. Eyes that allow me to see the beauty that surrounds me each day
  11. Strength to withstand tough times

Count your own blessings, write them down and post them where you can see them as a constant reminder of how good you actually have it. I’ve decided to be happy no matter what obstacles life throws my way. Won’t you join me? You too are truly blessed!
Until next time…..

Jae Henderson 

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