Hello Pain

Mommy and me2Hello Pain:

I know you’re here. Since the passing of my mother, you’ve been with me every day. Some days you don’t hurt so much and other days you cripple me to the point of temporary paralysis and tears. I just want to let you know that you won’t stop me. Actually, you are motivating me. Because I know my mother wouldn’t want me to let you ruin what I’ve worked so hard to build because of the sadness that her absence creates, I am pushing forward. I am letting you propel me to write from a place I’ve never written before. Every tear I cry is a testimony that shouts I am still alive and open to the blessings God has stored up for me. My experiences deserve to be documented. Maybe I’ll get a bestseller out of it. But believe me when I say you won’t get the best of me! I have amazing friends and family who are surrounding me with love and praying for me. Along with my Heavenly Father, they give me strength. So pain, you don’t have to vacate the premises but you do have to get the hell out of the way. I’ve got better things to do than lie in the bed all day and cry.


My Mother’s Daughter

P.S. As long as you’re hanging around you could at least make yourself useful and fix me a sammich or something!

3 thoughts on “Hello Pain

  1. Jae, that’s a beautiful response to the pain you’re feeling. The pain we all feel for different reasons and tries to hold us back, down, hostage! We learn to say S.O. What! in the toughest times and keep it moving. Your mom is definitely smiling down at her strong, beautiful, intelligent and witty daughter now. 🙂

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