I’m Another Year Older!

DSC_0206I’m 38 today and so grateful to be alive. It’s been a challenging year, but I really have nothing to complain about: I feel good, I look good, I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m financially stable and I have wonderful people who love me in my life! Thank you Jesus! Happy Birthday to me!

I used to do something called “Things I’ve Learned” each year on my birthday. I think today is a good day to revisit that. Although, instead of sharing the number of years in my life (I’ve got way more years now LOL) I’ll just do twelve. Feel free to pass them on.


  1. Be grateful. It is the most powerful and thoughtful means of saying THANK YOU!
  2. Adversity will come and go. It’s your job to make sure you stay put!
  3. The man you want may not always be the man you need but a smart woman makes the man she needs the man she wants.
  4. Do not entertain foolishness because it takes up too much time and energy.
  5. You are entitled to your feelings. Make no apology for how you feel , but don’t expect others to always agree with your feelings because they are entitled to the same.
  6. Your circle of friends will decrease when your love for yourself increases.
  7. When the one person who loves you more than life leaves this earth, cling to the love they left behind in your life. You’ll find it in the care they gave you, the lessons they taught you, and the people they introduced to you. **
  8. Grief is a form of therapy. Allow your tears to heal your soul.
  9. Remembering WHO you are and WHOSE you are will help motivate you to greatness. Daughters and sons of The Most High King have no business at the bottom.
  10. Your gifts are meant to be shared. You do the world a disservice by not doing so. We were created to be a blessing to others.
  11. Laziness is a disease that you must purge from your very being. It serves no positive purpose. It only prohibits you from operating in the greatness God has instilled in each of us.
  12. A shack can seem like a palace when you put it in perspective and employ positive thinking. You could be on the street.
  13. BONUS: Money can’t buy you happiness but poverty can make you miserable. Go get some ends so you can one day buy that palace.

** Thank you to everyone who said a prayer and supported me through what has been the fight of my life and my most devastating loss.  I love you and miss you mommy!! Rest in peace. There’s no suffering on the other side.

In honor of my birthday, all of my ebooks are on sale for $.99 to $2.99. For a limited time only, I assure you. (-:  Shop for the reader in your life now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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