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There’s been a lot going on for me literary wise over the last few weeks. Let’s see if I can get you guys up to speed.


My Alter Ego Sashe Hennesee. Sexy Ain’t She? Lol

As you may know, I started doing an online series called Storytime with Jae Henderson! It’s my bedtime series for adults. So far, I have done three StoryTime videos and a special coronavirus song.  You can find them online on my YouTube Channel. During video #2, I introduced my alter ego Sashae Hennesee. She has been itching to get out for quite some time. According to her, she is much more fun than I am and she has big plans for herself. That’s her picture to the left. 

I launched a new website called Literary Jewels. The purpose of Literary Jewels is to provide a place to sell my autographed paperbacks and novelty items for READERS and WRITERS. Take a look at the items I currently offer and tell me what you think. I would love your feedback on other items I can sell. Email them to

Well, that was the condensed version. I hope you have an incredible weekend and we’ll chat again soon.

Here are some of the items on the site. Feel free to make a purchase,

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