It’s Cold Outside So Bundle Up!

Happy Holidays!

It’s day 3 of the 5 Days of Christmas Sale which means there are only two days of deals left after today. Today, you can get all 3 books in the Where Do We Go From Here series from myself and fellow author Mario D. King for $25 and save $5! Natalie and Marcus felt sparks the moment they met but when their passionate friends with benefits tryst takes an unexpected turn they have to learn to navigate emotional minefields without being blown to bits. Buy it at

This sale is TODAY only!!

I had a lot of fun writing these books with Mario. I would write one chapter and he would write the next. We didn’t discuss our chapters beforehand so it was always a total surprise when I read his. Mario is such a phenomenal writer that he always kept me guessing. It became a friendly competition to see who could make the next chapter more exciting than the previous one! The end result was a great series of books written from both the male and female perspectives. The series is an entertaining read for men and women and singles as well as couples. If you’ve never read a book with your boo and discussed it, you should try it. 

We received several 5-star reviews!! Here’s a couple of them. 

This trilogy is a great piece of work! Marcus and Natalie are people that we actually know in real life who decide to keep playing in bed and then the unexpected happens. Don’t think it’s predictable because it’s everything but….

–Lolita Lark

I could not and desired not stop reading until I was finished. An absolutely rich and engaging read, Where Do We Go From Here, is dynamically relatable. It is a profound tale of the importance of individualism, relationship, and cultural choices. It embodies twists and turns right out of the reader’s personal and unspoken experiences.

As a writer, I am inspired to write. As a reader, I am excitedly awaiting the story to continue. As a self-proclaimed 2k15 “Hippie”, I am sho’nuff groovy now. It was exactly what I needed.
Salute…Jae Henderson and Author Mario D. King

–Derrick Randall 

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me! Happy reading and check out the rest of this week’s deals! 

BTW…the Single Woman’s Guide to Being Happy and Loving Yourself is now available. Download this FREE workbook today

Happy Holidays,


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