Storealities Book Launch Saturday


My First Compilation: Storealities

How was she able to recognize the gifts in everyone else but not acknowledge her own? Why did she give compliments and encourage others but could not affirm herself? This woman was a real contradiction. This woman was me. –
Jae Henderson “Happy, Beautiful, Blessed”

Storealities: A Collection of Stories by Empowering Women to Empower Women
Saturday, August 25th, 2.p.m.
Novel Memphis
387 Perkins Extd.
Memphis, TN 38117

This Saturday in Memphis, TN I will be a part of the official book launch for the book “Storealities” by Roquita Coleman-Williams. It features stories by 22 women, myself included. Roquita, one of the few black female executives in the railroad industry (She actually has her conductor’s license!!) is no stranger to hard work and breaking glass ceilings. She created this book to give a voice to everyday woman. We each tell a story about a moment in our lives that helped define us. I have read the book and I must say that I truly enjoyed each testimony by these amazing women from all walks of life. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor. It’s not easy taking off the mask and allowing others to see our flaws but if it helps someone, it’s more than worth it.

Please attend the book signing if you can. It’s currently only available in paperback. Unfortunately, it is SOLD OUT on Amazon for the time being.

This past weekend, several of the featured authors did a podcast to discuss the book. Take a look. The interview starts around the 8:33 mark.

I pray that you accomplish all your dreams. Be blessed!

Happy Release Day!!

Today my latest novel Husband Wanted has been released and I am so excited. What would you do if you had to meet a good man, fall in love and get married in 9 months to inherit $15 million? Find out what plan the Purdue Girls came up with to try to make it happen. Purchase your copy of Husband Wanted on Amazon for $3.99. Click this link to go straight to the order form.

Also, PCJ Consulting in hosting an online release party via Facebook at 6 p.m. CST to discuss the book and introduce you to some of the characters. Be sure to join us.

Feel free to read the first chapter Husband Wanted_Ch1

Thank you for your support!


What Is Inspirational Romance?

God Is LoveWhen I first started writing a man asked me what genre were my novels and when I replied inspirational romance he replied, “Isn’t that an oxymoron?” This was the first of many such encounters where I found myself explaining what exactly inspirational romance is. The simplest definition I can give is that inspirational romance is the edgier side of Christian romance. I often push the envelope of Christian fiction and romance with the actions of my characters. However, it never ceases to amaze me that most people assume that romance ALWAYS includes sex and if I’m writing about romance/sex it must be immoral. It is times such as these that I take the opportunity to enlighten others.

1.God created sex. Sex itself is neither dirty nor immoral. It is a beautiful physical expression of love and/or desire two people have for one another and a necessary process for procreation that was intended between a man and his wife.  It is the context in which people choose to have sex which leads to immorality and chaos. All we have to do is look at all the calamity that has come into play from sex being used outside of God’s will to know this is true. There is tons of data about the astronomical number of children being born out of wedlock and the also astronomical number of STDs being passed around the globe. We can even go deeper and cite sources about the emotional and developmental challenges that children who do not have both parents in the home often face. This is not to say that we would not have illegitimate children being born or STDs if everyone having sex were married. People have been having sex outside of their marriages for eons but I’m willing to gamble that the numbers would be far less than they are now.

2. Romance is not synonymous with sex. Although I recognize that within the literary industry when you say romance novel it is a given that it will contain sex and probably lots of it. However, when you add the word Christian or inspirational it becomes more about faith and less about sex. This is actually getting back to the truer sense of the word romance. Just as you can have sex without romance you can have romance without sex.  When I looked up the definition of romance this is what I found:

ro·mance—(rōˈmans,ˈrōˌmans/) noun— a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

By definition romance has to do with love not sex and God in His purest form is LOVE. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that I am able to write an inspirational or edgy Christian romance novel and explore all the facets of love and the emotions associated with it.

In each of my novels I display the love that God has for us and because of His infinite wisdom we are able to give this love to others in many ways–from acts of kindness to intimacy. I hope you’ll read my novels and allow me to spread a little love and God  in your lives.

Shut Up Your Nay Sayer

no-excusesWe can really be our own worst enemy. Something in us is afraid of failure, hard work, or even success. We must learn to SHUT UP OUR INNER NAY SAYER and GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY! I admit it, I used to be afraid of success or maybe it was the responsibility that comes with the things you must do to achieve success. The more you achieve, the more responsibility you have. I was a little lazy and too comfortable. It is a fact that when you are the one in charge you work harder and you are under constant scrutiny.  A lot of responsibility requires you to have less time for yourself and to put the well-being and concerns of others things and people before you own. Yes I know, that was selfish.

I had to get rid of that way of thinking. The problem with running from responsibility and success is you won’t ever reap the benefits of them if you don’t put in the work. I said I wanted to be rich. I said I want to be a nationally recognized author. That will never happen if I’m sitting on my tail instead of making plans and working to see them come to fruition. I wish I could say that after I realized thIs I rolled up my sleeves and got right to work. I didn’t. Instead, I made excuses.

Sunday, my Pastor Dr. Eugene Gibson Jr. spoke a word in my spirit. The title of his sermon was”When God Removes All Excuses”. He talked about Moses and how God was calling him to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt and instead of being honored and excited that God chose him, Moses made excuses. He talked about how he wasn’t qualified, how he wasn’t smart enough, how he wasn’t persuasive enough, how he lacked the leadership abilities, and how his speech was too slow. God eliminated each one of his excuses. Then last, Moses just flat out asked God to choose somebody else. God got mad! I can just see Him saying to himself why you little ungrateful……! I created you. I know full well what you can do if you only have the faith to take the first step. I got you! Pastor said, “Asking God to use someone else is like accusing God of making a bad investment…..Excuses are tools of incompetence. They build monuments of nothingness. Those who use them are often useless!”

Most of us have a little Moses in us. We basically do what Moses did when we don’t tap into our gifts. God has blessed each of us with amazing talents and gifts and often we choose not to utilize them for no other reasons than the excuses we make up because we are afraid or lazy. I think the most often used one is, “I don’t have time.” Truth is we make time for the things that are important to us. It’s time to shut up your inner nay sayer. When it says you can’t, say SHUT UP! Yes I can! When it says that looks hard, say SHUT UP. Anything worth having it worth working for. When it says you’re going to fail, say SHUT UP. I’ll never know unless I try. When it says you don’t have the skills to do that, say SHUT UP! I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. When it says, you don’t have time, say SHUT UP. I will make time starting with using the time I’m wasting right now talking to you! God didn’t make a bad investment. You’ve just been drowning out His voice with loud bad thoughts. God wants His children to be successful.

We have to stop making excuses and live up to our full potential or at least come close to it. Tell God, “I’m sorry God for not utilizing my gifts like I should. I’ll do better but I need your help.” I can testify that I have been taking strides to do so and I am already seeing some of the benefits. New doors are opening for me almost every week. I’m putting in the work and I know I will reap the benefits and I have no intentions of running from the responsibility that comes with them. Will you join me?

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Three Things & You Can Win A FREE Book

Three Reasons You Should Read Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 1

THGWSK_Vol_1_Cover_Discussion1. It’s a good read.

Yes, I know I’m biased but what else am I supposed to say. It is MY book. But seriously, I took the lessons I have learned on this journey called life and put them into six short stories any woman can relate to and learn from. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some will make you say, “Oh no he/ she didn’t!” Yet, each and every one of them will give you something to think about.

2. It’s inspiring. 

While I entertain, I also like to inspire. Each of us could use a little motivation from time to time and that’s all inspiration is, a gentle nudge and a kind word to encourage you to pursue your dreams, become a better person, and/ or accomplish a goal. Let me be your cheerleader or give you ideas to help you become someone else’s cheerleader. I’ll even put on a cute skirt and shake my pom poms if you want me to.

3. You can win FREE books from some of my amazing authors friends.

I am relaunching TEGWSK Volume 1 and I decided to bring along some friends. Just for reading my book and leaving me a review, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a book by six amazing authors and a book club. Authors like…..

Beverly Jenkins

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Oosa Book Club just released their first compilation and I am pleased to share that book with you as well.

Click here to watch a video and receive all the details. The ebook is available on and I hope you will download your copy today. Happy Reading!

Forever and a Day Is Now Ready for Download

Forever-and-a-Day-DraftIt’s the moment you’ve been waiting for….at least I hope you have. The final book in the Someday trilogy, Forever and a Day, is now available on Kindle and Nook for $5.99.
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See How It All Began
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