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Authors Pat Tucker, Earl Sewell and Jae Henderson

Authors Pat Tucker, Earl Sewell and Jae Henderson

On Saturday, February 1st two wonderful things happenend. 1) I released my fourth book and the first book in my ebook series entitled “Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 1” 2) I was featured at an event with bestselling authors Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell. Whenever I have the opportunity to spend time with successful authors I do. It’s not that I think that their success will magically rub off on me or that I am hoping that they will be so impressed by my talents that they will take me under their wing, introduce me to their agent, and land me a six figure book deal. That would be nice but highly unlikely. What I do get from those encounters is the opportunity to see how the masters market themselves. This usually includes: the way they present themselves when speaking, the way they set up their table, and the way that they interact with readers. I must say the Pat and Earl were a delightful treat. They were both dynamic while talking about their books individually and then when talking about the book they co-authored together, called “A Social Affair”. They even performed a skit adaptation, taken from the first chapter of the book, with Earl playing the part of a woman.  It was hilarious to say the least. On top of that they were just nice, friendly people. Pat even graced me with an autographed copy of one of her books to give away during an upcoming promotion. (Stay tuned for details!!) I also met another relatively new author named Kellye Alston and the amazing poet Rhonda Dassia’ Holloway. They were very nice and amazingly talented as well.

So, I learned some valuable lessons about presentation and I met some good people. What more could an author hoping to achieve world renowned fame ask for? Well…maybe a sell out on books but I’m not complaining. Thank you to R.A.R.E. book club for the invitation. Those ladies have shown a relatively new author like myself a great amount of kindness. I am truly grateful to them and all the book clubs who have selected my books to read.

Here is an excerpt from the first story, You are Beautiful. Every Good Woman Should Know that she is beautiful, right? TEGWSK_Vol_1_Your_Are_Beautiful_Excerpt

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