I Second That Steve Harvey!

A recent Strawberry Letter embraced the topic of celibacy on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. He and Shirley Strawberry gave some excellent advice. I especially love the way Steve broke down that the way the writer was operating was detrimental to her desire to find the right man. If I may add my two cents…. celibacy shouldn’t feel like a death sentence. Yes, it gets hard at times. Yet, the period in your life when you are not getting it in is a time for self-reflection, meditation, and fellowship with God. Essentially, you have given yourself to God. If you can’t give God you cheerfully then you really need to re-examine your reasons for being celibate. I personally am a very happy, and I am experiencing more peace than I ever have as a single woman. I only date men who respect my views and are worth my time. You can save yourself a lot of heartache that way.

Listen to their commentary here http://www.v103.com/pages/sh.html?article=10586920

Jae Henderson is an author, motivational speaker and voice over artist. Her inspirational romances Someday and Someday, Too encourage responsible dating and a love of God. They can be purchased in fine bookstores everywhere and online.