Where Do We Go From Here

JaeandMarioIn 2015, I embarked on a new venture with fellow author Mario D. King. If you know Mario or read his work you know that he loves his people and has a special place in his heart for strengthening the black family. We are kindred spirits. We decided to write a book that revolved around a friendship with benefits and what evolved was an amazing triology.  The first book is  “Where Do We Go From Here”. It was followed by “Where Do We Go From Here II”. The finale “From Here To There” will be released in 2018.

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Book CoverThe attraction between Marcus and Natalie was evident from the moment they locked eyes. He was a handsome successful business man who prided himself on being able to close any deal ─ except the one that could get the woman he wanted to marry to stay. In search of a distraction from his broken heart, Natalie, the demur secretary with the “bangin body,” and no sliver of a man in sight, seemed like the perfect choice. Sparks fly and earth-shattering sex erupts. But what was supposed to be a simple sex only arrangement gets very complicated when Natalie makes a discovery that sends them on an emotional journey that will leave them connected to one another for many years to come.

This entertaining thought-provoking novella expertly illustrates what can happen when you allow lust to determine your direction. There could be life-altering consequences and repercussions and you just may find yourself asking the question, “Where do we go from here?”

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When Temptation, Secrets, Betrayal and Heartbreak Collide!

It seems as if the no strings attached relationship between Marcus and Natalie has left them in quite the predicament. Marcus, the handsome successful bachelor, now finds himself in the role of soon-to-be father while trying to sort out his feelings for three different women. There’s Natalie, the pleasant distraction turned soon-to-be mother of his child; Chanel, his rebound ex-girlfriend and former friend of Lisa, the woman he was once madly in love with and wanted to marry. Deep down, Marcus wants to be a good man but he’s finding it hard to be with one woman when his heart is cut into pieces.

Natalie, the not-so- innocent bystander in this whole ordeal has a secret she’s fighting hard to keep. If she confesses her sins the baby she’s carrying might not be enough to hold on to the man she yearns for. But Marcus isn’t the only one with options. Jackson, her generous and supportive boss, is offering her a sweet escape from all the drama. Will Marcus choose love with Natalie or head in another direction? And if he does choose Natalie, will she still be there waiting to welcome him home.

Delve into part two of this entertaining thought-provoking series that expertly illustrates what can happen when you allow lust to determine your direction. There could be consequences and repercussions of epic proportions that leave you asking the question, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Price: Ebook $2.99  Paperback: $10.00

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