Media & Contests

Lenton Reflection Newspaper

Guess Who Made the News!

Personal reflection on Lent for The Commercial Appeal Newspaper.

Author Conversation with Kontrol Magazine

See my three-page spread in Shades of Romance Magazine (starts on page 23)

Five Minutes, Five Questions with Joey Pinkney

SELECTED VIDEOS (Click the video to start)

Someday_ABC_Midday   Someday_Good_Morning_Memphis

Forever Interview

The Village Voice

It’s not everyday the the program director of the #1 rated gospel radio station in Memphis endorses your books. Thanks Eileen Collier of Hallelujah FM!

Hallelujah FM's Eileen Collier Loves Someday! Someday!

Eileen_Someday_Too Someday, Too

Visit my YouTube Channel to see the rest of my videos!

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