Things Every Good Woman Should Know

TEGWSK2FCover_JaeHendersonJae Henderson is back with more inspirational short stories illustrating how life can be flawed but still beautiful.  In Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 2, she asks the question, “Dear God, Was My Boaz Hit by a Bus?” This introspective look at dating and relationships examines the question many women have asked when trying to rationalize why it’s taking Mr. Righteous so long to make his entrance. The answers are found in 8 entertaining tales designed to nourish the spirit and encourage women to make wise decisions while maintaining their faith. Failed relationships, dishonest men and bad choices can wreak havoc on a woman’s love life, but there is always hope. No woman can predict when her Boaz will arrive, but she can live her best life until the time that he does. Enjoy these stories and then share them with friends:

Does Boaz Still Exist?                                 Heavenly Minded, No Earthly Good

Live A Little                                                   Find the Humor In It

The Preacher and the Princess                  Do the Right Thing

The Ex-Files                                                  Just Have Faith

Women of all ages can appreciate these faith-filled examples of love, relationships and the single struggle. Sometimes you want to laugh and sometimes you want to cry, but one thing you won’t want to do is put this book down.

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Read An Excerpt from What Goes Around Comes Around.

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Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 1

Jae Henderson has penned an edutaining ebook series to help remind women around the globe of important principles we should know and/or exercise within our lives. The book features six short inspirational stories to nourish the spirit. You can purchase them on and Read below to see what they are about.

Things Every Good Woman Should Know Volume 1

You Are Beautiful
Dawn Williams is an up and coming R&B singer who thought she was beautiful until others told her she could be if she had plastic surgery. Join her on her journey of self-love as she seeks to define true beauty and defy those who use the entertainment industry’s distorted images as a measuring stick for it. True beauty isn’t found on a operating room table. Any woman who has ever doubted her own looks should read this.

Take Care of Those You Love
Friday is Felecia Washington’s favorite day of the week! Yet, this Friday she receives more than a paycheck when she finds out where her boyfriend has been going every Friday for the duration of their relationship. Join Felecia as she learns how deceit can reveal the true nature of a person and the depths their love can take them to. Allow this short inspirational story to make you love, laugh, cry, and remember the value of family and caring for those you love.

Sex Is More Than Just Sex
Leigh finds her emotional, mental, and physical health threatened after a one night stand with an incredibly handsome man. Read how she learned the hard way that a moment of passion can be life-altering.

Mentorship Is Mandatory
“To whom much is given muck is required” the saying goes. But how many of us are truly giving back. Travel with a successful but selfish news anchor as she discovers the joy and the pain that can from sharing yourself with someone in need of a little guidance.

Success Is the Best Revenge
Yeah it might make you feel better to kill’em all but is that the right thing to do? Janice really wanted to after she found out that the very people she trusted led her to financial and marital ruin. But a conversation with a man from her past convinced her to do something even better and the results will truly amaze you. I could tell you more, but why don’t you just read it for yourself!

You Reap What You Sow
Dating a rich married man has its benefits and drawbacks. The drawbacks could become deadly.
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